Zipcar – Bill Payment Options

Zipcar is a car rental company and offers their customers with lots of fast, easy, reliable and convenient bill payment options. All customers of the company can choose the multiple forms of payments in order to complete their rental reservation. Zipcar has ensured that all of their customers face no inconveniences when they are making their reservations with the car rental company. Here are some of the bill payment options provided by Zipcar to all of their customers.

All customers who set up an account with Zipcar will be charged with a $75 sign-up fee, while they won’t have to pay any applicable driver fees. The driver fees for an individual are $25 annually.

Direct Billed Payments

Customers of Zipcar that are overwhelmed with transpiration expense reports and taxi reimbursements can choose to set up a direct billed account with the company. The customer will only have to use one credit card for the entire account, while they will also get the advantage of 24/7 monitoring, with real time access and this will allow them to make reservations easily. The main advantage of the direct billed account is that it requires the employees to enter their purpose for each trip in a Mandatory Memo. This allows you to monitor the account activity and therefore the overall usage of the account.

Individually Billed Payments

All customers of Zipcar can also choose the option of making their payments through the individually billed account. This requires each member to provide a separate credit card, and it is ideal for businesses with moderate transportation requirements. All members of this account have the flexibility of managing their account and this ensures that members will organize their own expenses individually.

Making Reservations

All customers of Zipcar have been multiple forms of making car rental reservations with the company. If you are looking to make a reservation with the company then you can visit the website and make a reservation through your account. Customers of the company have also been afforded the luxury to make their reservations through their mobile phone with the free iPhone or Android app.

Customers can also choose to make their reservations with Zipcar by calling at the number 1-866-4ZIPCAR and complete the reservation with the customer support representative. It should be noted that a agent reservation charge of $3.50 will be applied on all reservations made through the phone.

Membership Fees

All customers of Zipcar who are also members will be charged a membership fee on their credit or debit card. The membership fees will be automatically charged and it will be deducted on an annual basis. It also depends on the type of membership the customer has selected and this will impact on the reservation. In order to view the charges that will be applied on your membership fees, customers are encouraged to visit their account page and check out their membership and billing details. Any extra charges during the trip will be added when the current reservation comes to an end.

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