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Chevron Texaco Cards – Bill Payment Options

Chevron and Texaco are two of the biggest oil companies in the United States and they have been providing fuel for all vehicles in the country from their gas filling stations that are located all across the country. The two companies have joined hands together in order to make it faster and more convenient for their customers to complete their bill payments. They have launched the Chevron Texaco credit cards, which customers can use in order to complete their payments easily and securely. All customers of Chevron and Texaco can apply for their own respective Chevron Texaco credit cards at the website

Types of credit cards offered by the

The two companies Chevron and Texaco offer different types of credit cards to all of their customers. Here are some of the different types of credit cards that are offered by Chevron and Texaco:

Visa Card

Both companies offer you with VISA cards that have special discounted rates for fuel in their introductory offers. You can also acquire fuel credits when you are purchasing different amounts of fuel in one month at their gas filling stations.

Personal Card

Chevron and Texaco also provide personal cards to all of their customers in order to provide them with 24/7 access to cash. The personal card also provides fuel credits and the card is available without any annual fees required.

Premium Card

The premium card provides you with all of the above mentioned benefits, along with special discounts on car rentals, travel rebates, hotels and also travel insurance for a small membership fee that must be paid on an annual basis.

Business Card

Chevron and Texaco have also come out with a card for business owners, which allow them to keep track of how much fuel their drivers are spending, along with when and where they spend it, and on which vehicles.

Gift Card

Customers can also send their Chevron Texaco gift cards to their family and friends, loved ones, customers or even employees. These gift cards can be redeemed in the form of payment for fuel at any Chevron or Texaco gas filling station.

Create a online account

All customers also have the options of creating an online account at the website in order to access their account details, track their fuel usage, pay their bills online and also view their credit card bills online. Customers can select their fleet fuel card after creating the account and then login by entering the user ID and their password. They can then view their credit card bills and pay them over the internet instantly.

How to pay Chevron Texaco credit card bills at

All customers of Texaco and Chevron can make their credit card bill payments online through the website In order to complete the payments, customers should take the following steps:

  • Log into
  • There new customers will have 2 choices
  • Choose the card that you want
  • Users who already have an account can click on the ‘log into my account’.
  • Then enter the user ID and click on ‘log in’
  • After doing that you can then manage your account and make your credit card payments.

American Express – Bill Payment Options

American Express has made the payment of bills highly convenient and easy for their customers. This has been made possible through a number of options that they provide to you so that you are not stuck with one mode of payment. The various methods of payments that are offered by American Express are as follows:

Pay Online

With American Express, customers have the facility to check as well as pay their bills online without having to pay a dime for this service. A user with a US bank account can review their account as well as pay off their bills using the American Express Online Services without any risk.

Pay Using Phone

You can contact the customer service representatives to use the Pay by Phone Service, which is completely free of charge. The customer service representatives are extremely helpful and will help their clients in whatever way possible to make their transactions a lot easier.

Pay By Check

Payments can also be made using checks that can be mailed to the following address:

American Express
P.O. Box 360001
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33336-0001

Overnight checks can be mailed to:

American Express
US Payment Florida
2965 West Corporate Lakes Blvd
Weston, FL 33331-3626

You should be sure to write down your account number towards the left hand and bottom corner of the check and attach with your check a payment stub.

Pay Via Authorized Banks

You may approach any of the authorized banks to pay your bills. However, you might have to pay a certain amount of fee in order to process the payments. You can speak to the company for further details.

In case of Corporate Card payments, you will have to register all of the card payments separately in order to ensure posting accuracy.

Pay Via Wire Transfers

In case of Corporate Cards you can carry out a wire transfer to the official US bank account of the company with the help of the wire instructions mentioned below:
Bank Information
Chase Manhattan Bank
1 Chase Plaza
New York, NY 10081
ABA Number: 0210-0002-1
DDA Number: 910-2-753036


An email is required to be sent to with details regarding card number and the amount that is required to be paid a day before wire transfer. Te total amount that has been indicated for the wire transfer should be the same amount as that of the total included in the details of payment that has been sent via email. The bank fees should not be included when it comes to the wire transfer.

Require any further help in this regard? Why not ask us by giving us a call? We would be more than happy to help you out and answer any of the questions that you might have. It is always a good idea to clear out all your confusions beforehand so that you do not have to face any hassle later on. If you wish to get in touch with American Express directly, then you may call their customer service representatives.

Barclaycard – Bill Payment Options

Barclaycard offers a lot of bill payment options to its customers. Their main aim is make the payment of bills faster and far more convenient, offering them a reliable means to do so at the same time. Even if you are not a Barclays customer or an account holder, you can still use their online and telephone payment facilities. Here are the bill payment options that Barclaycard offers:

Pay By Direct Debit

Customers who own a Barclaycard can easily make their payments with Direct Debit. This is an automated payment option that they have with the help of which they can avoid paying late or missing out on their payments. Consumers have three options to choose from:

  1. The full balance
  2. The minimum balance
  3. The fixed amount which is according to the requirements for minimum payment

You can easily set up a Direct Debit by going to the mybraclaycard online servicing. Once logged into the system, you can choose the option of ‘set up a Direct Debit’.

Pay By Debit Card Using Mybarclaycard Online Servicing

You can log onto mybarclaycrd online servicing, go to ‘Pay your card bill’ option on your homepage, and then pay whatever you have to. Be sure that it is the minimum amount, which is due. All you will require to get this done is a debit card.

In case you have not registered for using this facility, you can easily do this by logging in and going onto this option. It will let customers access their latest balance, pay off their bills, and manage their online accounts without hassle.

Pay By The Phone

The customer services team at 0800 151 0900 or 0333 200 9090 can assist you over the phone with your bill payments. You will however require your Barclaycard, debit card, and passcode.

Pay On Your Cellphone With Their Special App

Use your mobile and their official mybarclay app to pay your bills at the most convenient time. All you have to do is use the passcode for the mybarclaycard app, go on ‘Make a payment’, and enter how much you want to pay. You should also have your debit card and passcode that has been verified by MasterCard or Visa.

Pay By Telephone Service Or Online Options

Barclays account holders can use the online banking or telephone services of the bank to pay their bills. The bills can also be paid with the help of the Barclays Mobile Banking app. If you are not an account holder, then you can simply pay with their online and telephone services.

Bank Details

The account number for Barclays bank is 38290008 and the sort code is 20-04-15. You can use these details to pay your bills online and through the phone. The reference for payment will be your Barclaycard number.

Pay By Visiting A Nearby Barclays Branch

You can find a Barclays branch near you by going to Barclays branch finder on their website.

Have further questions regarding this facility? Why not contact us? We would be more than happy to help you out and answer any of the questions that you may have.

JCPenney Credit Card – Bill Payment Options

JCPenney is an American department store that focuses primarily on accessories and clothing. They are also known for offering an extensive range of kitchen goods and furnishings, which has made them an extremely popular store amongst the American public. At this moment in time, there are over 1,100 JCPenney department stores in the United States and they are located in all 50 states along with one in Puerto Rico as well! The brand offers a simple pricing plan and various selections in everything.

JCPenney has currently undergone a rebranding and that has meant that the brand now focuses on low prices. The company has been doing alright in the market and has firmly established itself as one of the biggest brands in America today. JCPenney also has a store credit, which it provides to customers and it can be used to make bill payments. All customers who are a JCPenney credit card holder can easily use the following bill payment methods in order to make the payments for their bill today.

Payments through JCPenney Credit Card Online

Visit the JCPenney website and then move to the JCPenney payment page in order to begin the payment process. Once you are there, enter the user ID and log into the website. Once you are logged into your account on the website, then you can click on the button that says ‘Pay my Bill’. Now you must enter your bank account information in order to make the payment for the bill.

Then enter the total exact amount that you want to pay from your JCPenney credit card, while also selecting a suitable date on which you would like the transaction to happen. Verify that all your information is accurate before submitting the payment request in order to avoid delays and inconveniences. You will shortly receive confirmation that the payment has been made. Once you see the payment confirmation, you may leave the website or choose to visit the dashboard of the JCPenney credit card website.

Payments by Mail

You can also choose to make your bill payments through the mail. It is an easy process but you will require the exact mailing address of JCPenney Credit Card in order to make the payments. All customers can make their bill payments through mail by sending the payments to the following address:


P.O. Box 960090

Orlando, FL 32896-0090

When you are mailing your payments, please ensure that all your account information is accurate and also check that your JCPenney credit card account number has been written on the money order or check in order to be certain that your bill payment accepted.

Payments in Person

All customers can also choose to visit the JCPenney department store located in any state, and make their bill payments in person with a check, money order or cash. In order to find out the nearest JCPenney department store, visit the website and click on link labeled ‘find a store’ which will be located at the top-right portion of the website page.