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American Airlines – Bill Payment Options

All customers of American Airlines can choose to make their monthly payments through the wide list of easy, convenient and fast options that are provided by American Airlines. The list of options available to customers of American Airlines includes the following:

  • Credit/Debit Cards
  • PayPal
  • Fly Now Payment Plan
  • Cash Payments
  • American Airlines Credit Card
  • Prepaid Travel / AAirpass
  • Gift Cards
  • $100 Flight Discount
  • eVouchers

You can make your dream vacation come true courtesy American Airlines through the easy and convenient options that are provided by you. The list of options that are shown may vary according to your country.

Credit/Debit Cards

All customers of American Airlines can choose to make their payments in the form of Credit and Debit/ATM cards, which will be accepted at the website Customers are also provided with an enhanced security feature that requires them to enter their PIN, when they use their credit or debit/ATM cards in order to make their payments.


Customers of American Airlines can also choose to make their airfare payments from PayPal. There is also an option provided to customers in the form of the mobile app

Fly Now Payment Plan

Customers can also use the Fly Now Payment Plan in order to avoid any interest on any purchase that is more than $150 and is to be paid within 6 months.

Cash Payments

Customers of American Airlines can also choose to make cash payments at airport ticket counters or any other Travel Center in order to pay their American Airlines ticket fare.

AmericanAirlines Credit Card

Customers of American Airlines can also use their AmericanAirlines credit card in to purchase airline tickets from American Airlines.

Prepaid Travel / AAirpass

Customers of American Airlines are also provided with an easy and convenient option to purchase their airline tickets in the form of the prepaid travel card AAirpass from American Airlines.

Gift Cards

All customers of American Airlines can use their gift cards in order to purchase air tickets when they travel through American Airlines.

$100 Flight Discount

All customers of the American Airlines $100 Flight Discount, who are membership card holders of AAdvantage / Citi can purchase tickets from American Airlines at discounted rates.


All customers of American Airlines can also choose to purchase their plane tickets in the form of eVouchers, which enable you make your payments in an easy and fast manner.

Payment Queries

American Airlines offers all of its customers with fast, easy, convenient and reliable ticket payment options. If you have any questions regarding any of the payment methods that have been mentioned above then you can contact the American Airlines website. The customer sales representative will provide you with all details regarding any of the payment options that you have questions about. American Airlines is always striving for perfection and therefore ensures that all of their customers never have any room for complaint when they utilize any of their services.


Alaska Airlines – Bill Payment Options

All customers of Alaska Airlines have been provided with some easy bill payment options which allow them to pay for their tickets without any hassles. If you are looking to pay for your ticked then you can purchase tickets from the website and complete the payment with your debit or credit card. This should be done when you are booking your ticket and if you are using the Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan Miles then you will need to make your payment immediately.

Where to Pay

You can make reservations for your ticket through the website, in person at any Alaska Airlines airport ticket counter or through the phone by calling at an Alaska Airlines Reservations call center. The ticket is completely non-refundable and there will be a $15 USD ticketing fee which will apply to all ticket purchases that are made at the airport ticket counter or any ticket purchase made over the phone.

Payment in Cash

Alaska Airlines accept only two currencies when you are making your payments in cash, and those are US and Canadian Dollars. These cash payments will be accepted at any ticket counter in the United States or in Canada. If you are purchasing a ticket at a ticket counter in Mexico, then only Mexican Pesos are accepted as cash payment. It should be noted that Mexican ticket counters will not accept any cash payment in US or Canadian dollars.

Credit Cards

All customers of Alaska Airlines can make their ticket payments in the form of credit cards. The list of credit cards that are accepted by Alaska Airlines, when you are purchasing their tickets include the following:

  • Alaska Airlines MasterCard
  • Alaska Airlines Visa
  • Alaska Airlines Commercial Account
  • Universal Air Travel Plan
  • Discover Card
  • American Express
  • MasterCard
  • Diners Club
  • Visa
  • Discover Card

If you want to include any additions such as a prepaid hotel or trip protection in your online reservation, then all credit cards other than Universal Air Travel Plan are required. Foreign-issued credit cards are not accepted.

Debit Cards

If you are looking to purchase your ticket with Alaska Airlines with your debit card then here are accepted debit cards for ticket payments and the important details you need to keep in mind:

  • Debit cards must have MasterCard or Visa logo.
  • Banks may limit per-transaction amount.
  • Delays may occur due to charges reversed on the debit card.
  • Bank processing times may vary.

It is advised that you check with your account before purchasing tickets with your debit card.

My Wallet

The My Wallet feature is part of your My Account profile and this will ensure that you can make an unlimited number of credit certificates, Bonus Travel Certificates and gift certificates through your online bank. Discount Codes

The Discount Codes option is an electronic discount which customers can use to reduce the cost of their tickets when they travel through Alaska Airlines. They exclude government fees and taxes and will only be valid for discounts of the base fare. These discount codes can be redeemed on the website