Metropcs Bill Pay My Phone Bill – Payment Options

MetroPCS customers can easily pay their phone bill online, phone, in-store or mail a payment check. Listed below are some of the ways MetroPCS customers can pay their bill: metropcs bill pay Online:

  • Express Pay is the easiest option for MetroPCS customers. Without setting up an account, MetroPCS customers can pay through Express Pay. Click Make Payment to continue paying your bill through Express Pay.
  • AutoPay is another great option for MetroPCS customers. Autopay provides peace of mind. MetroPCS customers can set up their bank accounts to be automatically withdrawn each month. AutoPay not only saves time for MetroPCS customer, but also helps in avoiding late payment fees. Go to My Account at the MetroPCS website and choose eWallet to set up future payments.
  • MetroPCS customers can make a one time payment through MetroPCS My Account. Customers will be asked to enter their Debit/Credit Card or MetroPCS payment card information. MetroPCS My Account lets customers store their Debit/Credit Card information which could be used again for coming months payments.
  • MyMetro app available in app store is another easy way to metropcs bill pay. Customers can simply add their Debit/Credit card information within MyMetro app.
  • MetroPCS customers can pay through their phone:
  • Automated pay system: Dial *99
    MetroPCS Customer Service Representative: Dial 888-8metro8 to pay
    MetroPCS customer can use Stores to metropcs bill pay:
  • MetroPCS store
    Payment machine available at MetroPCS stores
    Payment centers authorized by MetroPCS
    In-store drop box by MetroPCS
  • MetroPCS Customers can also Mail: MetroPCS Wireless, Inc. PO Box 5119 Carol Stream, IL 60197-5119

For all other inquiries call MetroPCS Customer Service Phone Number: 888-8metro8 or 1 (888) 863-8768

*MetroPCS customers please type account number on check before mailing.


Metro Pcs Bill Payment In Store Can Cost You Extra 3 Dollars

Metro Pcs has come come up with a very legitimate extortion scheme of charging their customers 3 USD as a service charge to the customers if they decide to pay their Metro Pcs phone bill at store locations. Are they trying to say that they have been a very generous company and paying the cost of running Metro Pcs stores from their own pockets. Such charges were not included in the bill already. A customer is spending his/her time and money to get to their store and then told to pay an extra 3 USD. That is so frustrating, especially in the current economy when It is so hard to earn and save money.

If you want to pay Metro Pcs bill on their website, sometimes you won’t get their payment system up. Many customers complain about the website outages at the bill pay section. So you are left with the choice of paying either with check which many of us don’t have or use other service like or which also charge you money for paying your bill. They should charge this 3 USD in their bill and give a credit if you make the payment on Metro Pcs website. This way customers won’t be shocked when they visits their store for paying a bill. As they would have already absorbed the shock at their home.

I find this scheme very similar to many of the ride sharing companies 1 USD safety fee charged for every ride. To accommodate this safety fee ride they have cut their prices. So they are grabbing money from the pockets of poor drivers by coming up with fancy words like the demand will increase, you will earn the same amount. But many of the drivers saw huge drop in their earnings and went on strike. But had to come back as they don’t have the resources to carry on for a long time. And UBER safety standards have been confirmed in LA where a driver hit his passenger with a hammer.

Similar will be the fate of Metro Pcs customers, after a while they will get used to giving money to pay Metro Pcs bills. And then other companies will also follow their money extortion steps as it will be seen as totally legitimate.

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